Patient Reviews

After a fall which damaged one front tooth and knocked out the one next to it I decided that the answer was to get an implant. I have had an implant in the past but not associated with the front teeth.​

On my first attendance at the surgery, Ven rebuilt the broken tooth and removed the loose bits of the other. I explained to Ven that I was going on holiday in two weeks and asked if he could improve the look of the gap at the front of my teeth. At my next appointment Ven gave me a front tooth on a dental plate which made my holiday much more comfortable.

Regarding the replacement of the front tooth with an implant, at all times Ven explained the procedure and all the implications. We decided to go ahead. Rather than having the surgery done with injections around the damaged area, we decided to go for treatment under sedation. A small tube inserted in my forearm resulting in partial sedation. Throughout the process I suffered no pain, unlike my previous implant. This method of sedation is much better than injections.

Following the initial work, I wore the dental plate for a number of months. During that time impression were made and the new tooth manufactured. The new tooth was finally put in after about 5 months. This may seem like a long time but I am quite sure that Ven took the most care possible to make sure that the implant was ready before implant and that a perfect fit was achieved.

It was! I now have perfect front teeth. There was a cost of course but only money.

The whole event was essentially pain-free. From my point of view a job well done and well worthwhile.

Being of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, I have had a variety of treatments over the decades. Thankfully over the years I had had Vivian and her team taking care of me.
Ven’s arrival came just at the time when I had big decisions to make. I was having to make the difficult decision about what to do with a gap of 3 missing molars on my upper right side! I was very impressed with the possibilities that opened up to me and all available within the practice. I choose the implant option and every step of the process has been brilliantly handled by Ven and his team.
It was apparent that the bone density in part of the jaw wasn’t sufficient. It was under sedation that I had a sinus lift and bone implant. Six months later the crowns were fitted.
I have been kept fully informed at every step of the process and I would highly recommend the work of Pearl Dental Surgery. My grateful thanks to everyone!

Excellent. I had a difficult treatment, but my dentist ven was very supportive. Thoroughly patient centred and non-judgemental. Dental nurses super friendly and helped me feel relaxed. Better after-care than I would of expected. I was well informed throughout my treatment and would thoroughly recommend. Thank you Pearl for giving me my smile back!

Some great staff left recently, my dentist Victoria is fantastic, in actual fact one of the best.

A very pleasant surgery to attend. Dentists the best, gentle and kind.

Pearl Dentists are awesome. They gave me my smile back. It was not an easy job, and I’m not the easiest of patients

at the dentist.

They made me feel at ease and me feel at ease and were

very professional. I highly recommend Pearl Dental Surgery

In late July 2018, I’ve unfortunately fractured my left first premolar to gum level, therefore making it impossible to repair my existing tooth.

Being new to Norwich, I’ve enquired around, and Pearl Dental Surgery came highly recommended. It proved to be an excellent advice. I was impressed by the positive attitude, and the competence of the staff, especially Dr. Ven. I was a bit apprehensive as I knew this would involve complicated treatment. But I quickly realised that I was in the capable hands of a very competent dental surgery team. I was very impressed that all work is carried on site. Having due regard for my age etc., without any pressure to make instant decisions, various options were clearly explained to me and my daughter, giving us ample time to consider our choice.

I’ve opted to go for the implant, even though I knew it would take several months of treatment. I freely acknowledge that I was not looking forward to injections, but I soon realised that my fears were groundless as Dr. Ven proved to be a very ‘gentle giant’.

The first surgical work started towards the end of August and completed by mid-December with several checks in between. Throughout the process, Dr. Ven kept me in the picture, always reassuring and available at any time, should I need him. I’m really pleased with my new ‘tooth’ and the continued care I received. It’s a shame that other parts of my anatomy cannot be similar renovated!

​ Thank you for an excellent job